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spiral carvings from Newgrange
Spiral carvings from the megalithic tomb of Newgrange in Co. Meath

A nation which has forgotten its past can have no future - Sir Winston Churchill

The islands of the North Atlantic have been our ancestral homelands for millenia. The earliest known men and women in these islands walked across the land bridge which then linked Southern England to the continent of Europe some 8,000 years ago. They were probably following the migratory patterns of deer, wild boar and ox which were the main sources of protein for the early hunters. The melting of the ice caps released millions of gallons of fresh water which subsequently drowned the land bridge and created what is now called the English Channel - the point which seperates Britain from the European mainland.

Project IONA is a treasure trove of information about the people and places of these islands, a journey of discovery through the myths and legends which have their origins in the early beliefs of our ancestors about their place in the never ending wheel of nature and a tribute to the talented, brave, bold, determined, men and women who have bequeathed to us our own very special place in the universe.

By its very nature it is a constant work in progress. A small but dedicated and enthusiastic team of contributors are busy scouring books, record offices, the Internet and myriad sources looking for original material to submit to the site. In time we aim to add multimedia (audio, video) to the site to enhance the learning experience and make Project IONA a fun as well as an informative place to visit.

Project IONA is the story of our homeland.