A compendium of articles relating to the history, culture and lifestyles of the people of Britain and Ireland Islands of the north Atlantic - a library of information about British and Irish history, culture and identity Islands of the north Atlantic - a library of information about English, Scottish, Welsh  and Irish history and identity, folklore and tradition.
Culture, tradition and folklore from the islands of the North Atlantic, poems, artwork, essays, supernatural stories, tales of heroes and legends.


Culture is a living being; not confined to sepia photos and silent film footage, less so captured and silenced in history books, museums and library basements.

For a culture to be healthy it is ever present in the daily lives of the culture bearers, alive in speech, thought and deed. In addition there are many occasions when people of like mind come together to celebrate special days in the calendar or to celebrate specific aspects of their traditions; summer fairs, Christmas markets, Highland Games, county agricultural shows and many more.

These pages are open to each and every folk music group, organiser of a cultural event, historic reenactment group, guardians of historic buildings. Make sure you get your own events added and noticed in the diaries and personal organisers in excess of, the 30,000 web visitors who come to this site each month.

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